Monday, October 21, 2013

Ice CReaM & WaffLEs

    Assalamualaikum dear after a few months,baru nk bukak balik blog ak yg entah pape ni..,muahaha..actually,aku minat sgt2 menulis tp memandangkan aku x brapa nk reti menulis di blog,so aku mcm nk x nk je buat entri smlm ak tetibe je tringin nk buat entri baru.So,i pick my fav dessert as a tajuk new entri ak nih,,bertepatan dgn tajuk presentation aku next week..haha...tetibe plak tekak ni nk rasa ICE CREAM N WAFFLES..ahakss..jom bace text oral akuh...hope sape2 yg boleh betulkan grammar aku,bolehlah komen,,,i don't care about ur age,so juz leave ur comment..huhu

Assalamualaikum w.b.t n very good morning to all my fellow friends and Sir Syafiq.Today,I'll talk about Ice Cream n Waffles.Y I choose this topic?This is because they are the best dessert I enjoy all time.At the time of my school days,I'll raise spending money to buy it at the weekend.Ice cream is a frozen dessert usuall maid by dairy products such as milk and cream.A waffle is a leavened batter or dough cooked between two plates, patterned to give a characteristic size, shape and surface impression.The combination of ice cream and waffles is a heaven for me thus I always look up an info at Internet about how to control contents of sugar in our desserts.

 Other than that,I also try all the flavours of ice cream from time to time to find a flavour that suits with my taste buds.

There are many delicious flavours that you can found when it comes about the ice cream.The flavours that normally be a something MUST they produce for people that start ice cream business are vanilla,chocolate,mint,strawberry and coffee.But nowadays,the demand for variety of special flavour ice cream increasing.So,all the chef in the world trying to produce the new flavours as a new attraction for the fans of ice cream.The new flavours of ice cream are salted caramel,sweet corn,coconut,blueberry and etc.The most flavour that I crazy one is MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM(saja bagi besar coz nk sroh reader2 belikan utk me...ahakss).This ice cream made with fresh mint leaves mix in milk and cream.I sincerely declare that this type of ice cream will be my all-time favorite ice cream flavor ever.
 Waffles seem to stand in a class of their own, but they're actually considered cakes. They began as wafers in Belgium. Early varieties were cooked similarly to how they are now: the batter was poured into an iron made of two small metal plates, which was held over a fire. Add electricity and you've got a modern day waffle
iron.You know the taste of the waffles right?its sweet n yummy.But I'm not used to eat them without fillings.So,I eat them with marmalade,strawberry jam,honey and etc.Lately,I enjoy the chocolate syrup flavours especially from Hershey Chocolate Syrup.

Because of I'm always running out my pocket money since I'm getting demand for new clothes,tudung and others,I learnt to make my own ice cream with small budget but whole ice cream I get.So,I'll share with you guys.Firstly,gather the ingredients.There are 2 cups whole milk,1 1/2 cups heavy cream,4 tablespoons cornstarch,3 tablespoons cream cheese at room temperature, 1/2 cup sugar,2 cups loosely packed mint leaves,1  chocolate bar and a pinch of  salt.Next,give the leaves a stir with whole milk, then cover and let them sit for the full 25 minutes.Make sure all the cornstarch is dissolved into the milk. It will take a couple of minutes of whisking. Then mix this into the milk mixture and boil again.After that,Make sure all the cornstarch is dissolved into the milk. It will take a couple of minutes of whisking. Then mix this into the milk mixture and boil again.Just to be on the safe side, I decided to strain the milk mixture through a mesh strainer to catch any last little bits of mint leaves.Cut the chocolate bars into small pieces and freeze it.Then,the milk mixture is pour into ice cream maker then put the chocolate bar into container.After 4 hours,take out the ice cream container from the fridge.Done.Eat it with fresh Gadenia Delicia Waffles.

Then,until here my talk.Tq. x???aku ngaku x best la post aku ni...huhu...tapi i hope u all doakan sy boleh buat k..Hasbunallah wani'mal wakiill...
LOVE,,,assalamualaikum,...These are my pic with buddies eat ice cream...hihi

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